No Frame


Art Director, Graphic Artist and/or Cartographer at:

The New York Times, 1993 - 2008

International Herald Tribune, 2003

Newsday (Intern), 1990-1992

Dallas Times Herald (Intern), 1989

Trainer/ Media Coach for editorial design and newsroom dynamics with:

The International Center for Journalists (Knight International Press

Fellowships), 2006

United States Embassy in Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar), 2011

Local private organizations

Chef & Sole Proprietor of:

Globetrippin International Coffeehouse & Bookstore, 2009 - 2011


Down There (Treadwater-Breathe Publishing, 2011)

How Langston Leaf Delayed Winter - a children's book

(Treadwater-Breathe Publishing, 2010)

Headwraps: A Global Journey (Public Affairs, 2003)

Articles and graphics for The New York Times, Essence, Essence

Online, Choices magazine


• Travel for research and pleasure emphasizing indigenous cultures and

local traditions

• Bachelor of Arts, Journalism / Visual Communications, Grambling

State University (1992)

• Volunteer / mentor student journalists, the disenfranchised, and

some pretty smart young people

I'm lucky. I got a job doing exactly what I love - and it didn't suck. I worked at The New York Times for 18 years, where—in addition to graphics, cartography and page design, I mentored pre-teens and young journalists whenever possible. The only thing that made life better was having the freedom to take a chance on something new, and then discovering I liked that too... Writing!

I wrote my first book deliriously ensconced in a glorious new world of anxiety, passion and possibility. One book turned into many, as I developed my skills as a researcher, reporter, storyteller and editor. Eventually, journalism changed. Newspapers became outsourced to the Internet, journalists began losing their jobs. Eager to get back my preferred state of euphoria, I took another chance - call it a volcanic leap of faith and discovered it was possible to, yet again, embrace something new... Entrepreneurship!

The coffeehouse and bookstore I opened after I left The New York Times lasted three years. It honed my skills as a chef, and taught me valuable lessons about marketing, advertising and customer service.

At the root of my many passions and adventures is an insatiable appetite for traveling and helping others. While still at The NYT, my mentoring gave way to teaching and consulting, which takes me to universities and newsrooms around the world. My specialties are Journalism, Design and Newsroom Dynamics. This is who am and what I've done. What I do next is up to chance.