At right, Headwraps: A Global Journey. Far right: My signature Shrimp & Grits. Below, the gorgeous home of one of my favorite artists, F. Widayanto.

Beautiful, aggressive, spontaneous and passionate. I work hard, play hard, experiment with recipes, volunteer and travel. I'm not perfect, but I strive to make every layout I design, story I write or edit, and project I manage engaging, flawless and meaningful.  


I am an advocate of diversity—racial, cultural and gender—and of tackling life and everything in it from a global perspective.

I speak French and a little Korean, but cuisine is my true second language.

I write books and blogs that help me see the world in a new light. We all have secrets we can’t share, and conversations that are too difficult to start. I write books that help people smile and to freely, sometimes comically, embrace a new perspective about topics thought too complicated to explain.


As an artist, lately I've been drawn to porcelain and hand fans. As a collector, I especially love indigenous art, particularly nameless parchments, sculptures and earthenware from small communities around the world. I’m also a huge fan of Egon Schiele (Austrian), Kara Walker (American), F. Widayanto (Indonesian) and Cheryl Warrick (American). 

I am Georgia Scott and I look forward to working with you.

Who I Am