Down There: 

Narratives about the joy, aroma and overall existence of the bush

A hilarious collection of personal experiences on intimate shaving, trimming and hygiene from men and women around the world. 

The brainchild of Hachette editor, Adrienne Ingrum, and written by Kevin McGruder and Velma Maia Thomas, this is a project for which I was the creative director, and for which I helped research, edit and develop marketing materials.

What I Write

A rhyming book, also available with Korean-language vocabulary support, Everyday Hugs puts a spotlight on all the different ways we embrace children. 

The secret to being patient is knowing that the end reward is worth it. The repeated use of strong vocabulary makes it excellent for ESL learners.

A circle of life adventure that follows the stubborn resourcefulness of a playful leaf. The high-level vocabulary and imaginitive illustrations makes this great for children of all ages.

From blogs and social media, to books that span multiple genres, my writing focuses on my love of world cultures, and how we all connect.
People ask me where do I get my ideas from. I don’t think any author can answer that question simply. There's an interplay of hidden fault lines and intersections that form and transform—knock down and build up—an abundance of tsunamis, deep-seeded roots and glorious rainbows all circling inside my head. From all of that chaos and beauty comes books that I am whole-heartedly passionate about. And proud of. A lot of mentoring went into the making of my first book, Headwraps: A Global Journey. I have since written five more. A big part of a writer's odyssey is finding his or her literary voice. For me, once I found it, everything made sense: Who I am, how I see the world, what I want to say and what's the best way for me to share my wisdom and humor with the world. Thank you for supporting me, and please keep an eye out for future publications. And of course, please send me a note to let me know what you think. -ga