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Dear Georgia

Thank you so much for your honest feedback on my cover letter and resume. This really helps a lot. I realized the importance of investing time, knowledge, and energy to write these things because it represents my brilliance.

One thing I did not understand from your feedback on the resume was: do you mean that I should not put "Education" section first? What should come first?

Also, do you think it is necessary to put my high school education?

Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend.

Dear Georgia,

I just want to let you know that I finally submitted all my required documents a few days ago, and to say thank you to you. It was a great moment spending so much time with you. I learned a lot! Thank you so much. Have a nice day.

Dear Georgia,

The work you completed is strong, and I find your customer service commendable. ... I originally published this back in 2012 and never had it professionally edited. There were several grammar errors and repetitive words and sentences throughout the manuscript that I you specifically addressed, and for which I am grateful.

Dear Georgia,

I am Julie from the resume workshop you did at American Corners last November in Gwangju.

Your lecture was very impressive and I still have your materials! Your advice was really helpful when I actually wrote the essay! Thank you so much.


Because of that, I would like to ask you to review my motivation letter and CV. I am a bit worried if my CV is too lengthy and my essay is still not appealing to persuade admissions staffs.

I know you have many things to do, but I really hope you have some time to take a look. I would really appreciate it!

Happy new year! I'll be awaiting your reply. 

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