A discussion on empowerment, based on narratives and reactions from the fourth edition of

Down There: Narratives About the Joy, Aroma and Overall Existence of the Bush

Across generations, men and women are

throwing out old taboos, and driving changes in the way we talk about, reveal and teach personal hygiene and intimate grooming. The Public Pubic: Conversations Beyond the Bush explores hundreds of multi-cultural, multi-generational narratives of men and women of all ages claiming and proclaiming ownership of their bodies.

Click to see the all new covers, available only at SXSW 2019.

Exclusively at SXSW: The fourth edition of DOWN THERE with all new covers

* Inspired by my speech at SXSW, the new covers are fresh and bold.

* Artists are Jen Spence, Arianne Zager, Charise Arter, and the author, Georgia Scott

* Books will sell for $15 each.

Press talking points

* This is Georgia's first presentation at SXSW.

* Georgia will discuss how empowering it can be to claim how your bush.

* Georgia invested  everything to be in Austin.

* Sales of Down There are crucial to cover the flight and hotel cost of being at SXSW.

© 2019 by Georgia Scott

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