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Discovery : Breathtaking Art, For Women By Women

(February-March 2018), Pgs 14-15 

Discovery : The Great Outdoor Gyms

(October-November 2017), Pgs 24-25

Discovery : Art Therapy (August-September 2017), Pgs 16-17

My first published book, the travels I went on, the people I met and the experiences I both and enjoyed and suffered through, are some of my most precious memories.

Published in 2003, it is currently out of print. Some used copies, however, are still available.

Worth the Wait 

Illustrated by Sol Lee

How long things take and whether they're worth waiting for is revealed in this vibrant, easy to read illustrated children's book. 

Down There: Narratives about the joy, aroma and overall existence of the bush

Avaialble in paperback and e-book, Down There gets people laughing about a topic they would otherwise be afraid to discuss. (2011, Treadwater-Breathe)

How Langston Leaf Delayed Winter

Illustrated by Moerat Sitompul

A magical story of life, laughter and change, as a leaf who's afraid to fall off the tree risks putting winter on hold. (2010, Treadwater-Breathe)

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A rhyming book available with Korean-lanuguage vocabulary support, Everyday Hugs puts a spotlight on all the different ways we embrace children. 

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